Legal Counseling

Law and trustee office of JUDr. Miroslav Michalicka provides professional legal advice, legal assistance, draft legal documents, processing legal analyses and managing the assets of clients.

The professional legal advice is performed mainly in the following areas of law

  1. Commercial law
    • preparation and consultations on agreements in the sphere of the commercial right
    • consultations on creation of the commercial organizations
    • liquidation of legal entities
  2. Bankruptcy proceedings concerning bankruptcy
    • analysis of a relevant financial situation of the debtor
    • bankruptcy or restructuring
    • analysis and conducting bankruptcy proceedings
    • lawsuits in the sphere of bankruptcy
  3. Civil law
    • draft and change of agreements according to liabilities
    • draft  of the contracts of ensuring obligation fulfillment between the creditor and the debtor
    • property liabilities
    • disputes on the rights to real estate
    • lawsuits on penalties
    • protection of the personal non-property rights
  4. International commercial and private law
    • international liabilities
    • legal proceedings on moot cases of foreign vessels
  5. Administrative law
    • analysis of actions and failure to act of state bodies
    • analysis of disciplinary offenses
  6. Labor  law
    • draft of employment contracts and agreements
    • employment disputes and ways of their permission
  7. Criminal law
    • legal consultations in the sphere of economic crime
    • offense or crime – the analysis and qualification
    • criminal legal protection of the rights of creditors in case of bankruptcy of credit institution
  8. Family law
    • draft of the agreements connected with implementation of rights and duties in divorce proceeding
    • resolution of disputes, arising in an industry of law of domestic relations