As an advocate JUDr. Miroslav Michalička provides legal services and represents the interests of the clients before courts. As a trustee leads bankruptcy’s cases of legal entities, private bankruptcy and recruiting.

Using our long practical experience in trustee activities as well as in legal counseling, we also assist in crises managements of various legal entities.
Law office uses the knowledge and skills of the advocate, possibilities fixed by legal order and legal argument to advantage its client.
Law office delivers the services mostly in the city Trnava and in Trnava region, and also in the capital of Slovakia Bratislava, and Bratislava region.
The best wage for a prestigious law office are positive references and propagation of a good name. The services are oriented to a quality, large availability and satisfaction of the clients.
The aim of our office is to create a confidential relation with each client.


We will offer you what the others will just promise, but we will not promise you what we cannot perform.