JUDr. Miroslav Michalička, Attorney at law & Truestee  English

graduated from University of Trnava Law Faculty at 2004, graduated from University of Trnava Law Faculty at 2011 rigorous exam. Lawyer trainee practice realized since 2004 until 2008. The member of Slovak bar association is since 2008, licence #4793.
Trustee practice realized untill 2010. Since 2010 registrated at the Ministry of justice of Slovak republic licence #S1398.
Judge of Slovak still arbitration court since 2009.

Email: advokat @ michalicka . sk, spravca @ michalicka . sk




JUDr. Oľga Talyzina, Lawyer  English  Russia

graduated from University of Omsk, Law Faculty (Russian federation) at 2014.
Graduated from University of Trnava Law Faculty at 2016, graduated from University of Trnava Law Faculty at 2018 rigorous exam.

Email: office @ michalicka . sk





Registrated seat:
Halenárska 18
917 01 Trnava

Phone: +421 33 3702 120